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Case Studies

Clinical cases summarized on this site are examples of injuries that have been successfully treated with FES, and in most cases, also included riding exercises developed specifically for each case. A thorough veterinary examination should initiate any FES treatments and periodic follow-up examinations by the attending veterinarian are important.

Treatment protocols are given to provide only a general guideline of the number and type of treatments for that particular case.

The movement evaluations listed were performed through observation and riding of the horse by the owner/trainer and/or practitioner. Only generalized notes are included in the summaries to e used as an overview of the progress of the horse. The client was provided with specific exercises during each movement evaluation to work on with the horse. Clients were encouraged to remain in communication with their veterinarian during the rehabilitation program and to update the practitioner on the progress of the horse so any modifications necessary could be made.

These examples are offered only as an overview of specific case, with may or may not apply to another similar case. Each clinical case presents with issues that are unique to that particular horse.


9-year old Warmblood gelding Severe Left Shoulder Atrophy


11-year old mare – Grand Prix Jumper Kissing Spine

Aged – Finnish Gelding

Severe Thoracic/Sacral Spasticity & Atrophy of Right Lumbar Sacral


5-year Old Thoroughbred Mare Uneven Gait – Rearing


5-year Old Gelding – Arabian Uncoordinated Hind Limb Movement and Hindquarters Muscle Wasting


Aged Gelding – Atrophy After Ulna Fracture Surgery


7-year Old Warmblood Gelding – Right Shoulder Atrophy


4-year old gelding – Standardbred Right Shoulder Atrophy


Yearling Filly-Arabian – Traumatic Hock Edema


6-year Old Mare – Warmblood - Traumatic Fetlock Edema


Aged Gelding - Neck Edema – Bilateral Injection Site Inflammation


9-year Old Mare – Hunter/Jumper – Deep Digital Flexor Tendon Lesion