The unique physical and psychological characteristics of the horse must be taken into consideration in the design and use of equine modalities. EquiNew is committed to developing the finest products for use specifically with horses.

I am using FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) for horses with muscle spasms and atrophy and have found that technology to be very useful in restoring muscle function. Horses with sore backs and necks, and those with muscle loss due to injury or surgery, are benefiting from the use of FES.

Dr. Philippe BenoitDVM, Dipl ACVSMR

Our practice has used the Equinew FES unit and we have found it to be profoundly effective for acute muscle spasm. Our primary uses are on backs and necks. For our stall rested or convalescing horses, we use the FES unit to stimulate back muscles in an effort to minimize muscle wasting.

Dr. Roland ThalerDipl ACVSMR, ISELP

FES technology has given us another tool in the management of back and neck pain in the horse. We also find FES application to be helpful in building topline strength and restoring motion. It is helpful to have a safe, cost effective, and non-invasive therapy option.

Dr. Timothy OberShow Jumping Veterinarian

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New research has shown the significant improvement in symmetry in the core support muscles in the back of the horse through the use of FES.

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    Functional Electrical Stimulation For Horses

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