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“The use of movement during rehabilitation is important, but the movement must be correct. FES (Functional Electrical Simulation) produces true muscle movement so you can obtain symmetrical, controlled motion so important in quality rehabilitation protocols, even within the first days after injury or surgery”

Dr. Tracy TurnerDipl ACVS, Dipl ACVSMR, Anoka Equine

“Dr. Sheila Schils has an outstanding knowledge of equine biomechanics and have found her clinics very valuable to our rehab facility. Her FES therapy has become a mainstay of our rehabilitation programs and many of our attending vets find the therapy extremely valuable”

Angie Hager-ScullyOwner, Eclipse Equine Sports Therapy Center

“I utilized Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) on my horse's top line throughout her 9-month lay up and her back was awesome when I was able to start riding again!”

Mindy L.California

“EquiNew FES 310 is the ideal tool to treat deep muscle spasms. The therapeutic value of this device puts it in a class of its own. Plus the horses find it very comfortable.”

Janus MarquisPhysiotherapist USET Show Jumping Team

“Whether competing in international competitions or training at home I have found the benefits of using FES therapy invaluable. Weak, sore, tense and restricted areas respond and repair with remarkable results. I have yet to experience a better form of drug free relief”

Bea DiGraziaInternational 3-day Eventer, Los Laureles Equine Rehabilitation Center

“We utilize the system on a daily basis, predominately for epaxial muscle tension/pain, sacroilliac region and gluteal muscle overuse pain/ tension. ... The EquiNew FES system allows for those affected patients to return to training sooner, pain free and able to maintain or strive to develop correct muscle balance, while remaining tension free.”

Drs. Chad and Stephanie DavisDavis Equine

“As a busy sports medicine practice we see a wide variety of primary and referral cases. Our caseload ranges from horses rehabilitating from injuries to top level athletes that are actively competing. We use our FES unit in conjunction with our primary treatments once we have diagnosed the condition or as a primary therapy itself. We have been very successful in using the unit for treating back and neck pain as a result of muscle spasm and atrophy, as well as for building and maintaining toppling musculature. For the performance horses we integrate the FES treatments into their competition program to help maintain their athleticism. The FES unit is founded on evidence-based medicine with well documented protocols and success rates. Dr. Schils is an excellent resource, working with us to ensure that we hone our expertise with the unit”

Dr. Kent Allen, Dr. Susan Johns & Dr. Amy NorvallUSEF Eventing Team Veterinarian; Past USEF Driving Team Veterinarian; Virgina Equine Imaging

“We have all been there: Looking at the sore all over sport horse. We do some flexions, get some hands on them, watch them work, and wonder can't we do more of these horses? I struggled with these cases. I know injecting this or that with steroids might help today but isn't the right tool for the horse in the long term. Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) gave me a tool I didn't even know I was looking for. The system gives us a way to get down to those deep muscles and create relaxation and muscle symmetry to help our clients get better performance from our patients and our patients have longer competitive lives. The science behind the system has been meticulously researched and Dr. Schils has put countless hours of work into application.”

Dr. Erica LacherSpringhill Equine Veterinary Clinic

“Functional Electrical Stimulation has become the cornerstone of our rehabilitation program with our horses. We use FES to get a baseline of their muscle health as they arrive and it helps us to continue keeping our horses loose and supple while we progress through their rehabilitation protocol. I believe FES helps our horses remain balanced and symmetrical as we strive to repair injuries and return our horse to full work.”

Angie Hager-Scully Owner, Los Laureles Equine Therapy

“I have been working in Equine Rehabilitation since 1995 and have seen many modalities come and go. Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) by EquiNew is by far the BEST OVERALL modality because it does ALL of what other rehab modalities do, plus it gets the muscle back to normal FUNCTION. And, the horses love it as much as I do!”

Lin GelbmannBS, CVT, ESMT, CCRP,

“We have been using EquiNew FES 310 for 2 years with great results. We mainly treat show jumping and dressage horses whose riders complain about back pain and poor performance. We have seen a very quick analgesic response and mobility recovery after the first two treatments in all the horses we have treated. Before having the FES system we used to work with TENS/EMS/Russian Currents and we never had such fast and long-lasting results.”

Dr. Marta Garcia Piqueres and Mar de Echevarria Ruiz-OriolVeterinarian and Equine Osteopath, Equidinamia Equine Rehabilitation Services

“After the use of FES system, I was astonishingly surprised by the improvement of the longitudinal straightness of my horse. He now has a better push with his hind limbs and is able to use his back earlier in his movements. His contact with the bit is more correct without being too heavy. I did not expect to get such results in such a short time, and my horse even enjoys his treatment.”

Vanessa ThibaultProfessional Dressage Rider, Equine Osteopath, France

“The FES 310 is a solidly researched piece of equipment that has been very effective in our practice.”

Mimi PorterEquine Therapist, Author. of The New Equine Sports Therapyar de Echevarria Ruiz-Oriol