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Features For Durability

  • Rugged lightweight aluminum case
  • Display panel protection handles
  • Rechargeable battery with capacity for continual 12 hour use
  • Replaceable long-life battery
  • Quick disconnect cable to prevent accidental rip out
  • Protective carrying case with attachment straps

Features For Performance

  • 1-year 100% full warranty on hardware and software
  • 30-day 100% money back guarantee
  • Product is specifically designed for horses
  • Six electrodes for superior coverage
  • Software upgradeable
  • Superior surge protection
  • 16-bit Microcontroller for optimum accuracy

Features For Ease of Use

  • Panel display shows time of therapy to seconds
  • Panel display shows actual peak-to-peak voltage applied, not just knob value
  • Separate custom pads for back and legs
  • Extra pad liners for changing between horse
  • Pads hold electrodes securely with Velcro
  • Velcro allows customized positioning of electrodes
  • Comfortable surcingle to attach system to the horse so wires are safely secured
  • Attractive traveling bag