EquiNew, LLC is a company specializing in Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) therapeutic systems for use in the equine rehabilitation and performance industry. Extensive clinical testing and research has lead to the development of a system that obtains the best possible results for practitioners.

Dr. Sheila Schils will be presenting on the concepts of Equine Rehabilitation Protocol Development and also presenting Rehabilitation Case Studies at the Florida Association of Equine Practitioners PROMOTING EXCELLENCE SYMPOSIUM, October 9-12, 2014 at the beautiful Hilton Head Island Resort in South Carolina. There will be a distinguished group of rehabilitation experts in both the equine and human field to discuss protocols for tendon, ligament rehabilitation, as well as neck and back rehabilitation. Find more information at www.faep.net or call 800 992-3862.

Take a look at our growing list of practitioners, including both U.S. and international professionals.

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"I am using FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) for horses with muscle spasms and atrophy and have found the technology to be very useful in restoring muscle function.  Horses with sore backs and necks, and those with muscle loss due to injury or surgery, are benefiting from the use of FES"

- Dr. Philippe Benoit
Our practice has used the Equinew FES 310 unit for 1 year now. The unit is frequently requested from our horse show trainers just prior to departing for shows as well as utilizing it after the rigors of showing. We have found it to be profoundly effective for acute muscle spasm. Our primary uses are on backs and necks...

- Dr. Roland Thaler, VMD, Diplomate ACVSMR, ISELP
"The use of movement during rehabilitation is important, but the movement must be correct. FES (Functional Electrical Simulation) produces true muscle movement so you can obtain symmetrical, controlled motion so important in quality rehabilitation protocols, even within the first days after injury or surgery."

- Dr. Tracy Turner
"We have used the FES 310 system successfully to treat sore backs, tendon and ligament problems and kissing spine for over 11 years. We use it on a regular basis to prevent problems and keep the horses at peak performance.”

- Amber Mitchell, National Champion Grand Prix Jumper Rider & Trainer
"Klass became a more balanced horse with regular deep functional electric stim muscle treatments. The amazing benefits came after a flexor tendon injury. Dr. Schils worked to create a regular treatment regimen, which was responsible for her complete recovery. She has equal flex in both legs and is more fit then ever!"

"We can't thank you enough for the wonderful treatments you have given our horses. We are so glad we decided to treat two of our school horses after seeing the difference you made with the show horses. Your success continues to be amazing"

- Sunny Meadow Farm
"After the first 2-day FES treatment on Holly's back, she felt like a new horse! Her back was so "open" and lateral work actually felt easy. The arch in her jump felt longer and rounder. And she was very straight to the jump and on the landing side. And, her confidence was back!"

- Holly, Hunter and Event Horse
"The FES 310 is a solidly researched piece of equipment that has been very effective in our practice."

- Mimi Porter, Equine Therapist
"EQUINEW FES 310 is the ideal tool to treat deep muscle spasms. The therapeutic value of this device puts it in a class of its own. Plus the horses find it very comfortable."

- Janus Marquis, Physiotherapist US Show Jumping Team

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