Rachel Taylor ESMT

My business degree is in the field of marketing, and I have provided marketing support and consultation both domestically and internationally. In addition, I am currently working for EquiNew, LLC as a Sales Agent in the Western United States region.

I am also a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist through Equissage California. I have been involved with horses throughout my life which has included a wide range of disciplines from Pony Club and Vaulting to Dressage, Eventing, Jumpers and Hunters. I am passionate about Equine rehabilitation and the advancements in the industry. The EquiNew FES is a breakthrough solution for horses needing rehabilitation or competitive maintenance. My personal experience with EquiNew FES treatments have shown improvements in the horse's overall movement. Specifically, the FES has helped support a willing and positive attitude in the horse by reducing muscle spacity and soreness, which is very common in strenuous competitive work.

Please contact me at contact@EquiNew.com and I would be pleased to provide you with further information about my experiences with the EquiNew product line. In addition, if you would like a demonstration of the system at your facility, that could be arranged when we are in your area.