Point Stimulators

Point stimulators are used to produce noxious levels of stimulation to identify trigger or acupuncture points. These systems typically have two components, a stimulator and a point locator.

Points on the skin that are identified by the point locator as trigger points or acupuncture points have either;

  • High conductance, or
  • Low resistance

There is a metering system on the point locator to indicate to the practitioner when the specific point has been located.

One electrode is a handheld metal tip device with a small (1 mm squared) tip. The other lead is connected to an electrode that is placed on the skin surface. Time adjustments of less than one minute are used. This short treatment period is due to the use of these devices as a detection for trigger or acupuncture points.


  • Rectangular, monophasic pulsed current or
  • Rectangular, symmetrical biphasic pulsed current

Phase Duration

  • Excess of 100 ms
  • This range is much greater than that of most other classes of stimulators so that a noxious level of stimulation can be obtained through the point electrode